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    Omer Gagnon Biography    

Omer GagnonOmer Gagnon resides in Dayton Maine with his beautiful wife Martha and their dogs, Katie Dae and Blue Boy.

When Omes is not working in his home studio, you can find him teaching art and design at Gibbs College of Boston on Newbury Street, where his own work has been on display in local prestigious galleries.

Creating order from chaos - solutions from disorder and fine tuned skills from mistakes- Omer is not afraid to show his underbelly of his experience as an artist to his audience and his students, thus, challenging them to do the same. The trust and respect given to Omer by his students is rivaled only by the devotion he has to them.

Omer’s art is constantly evolving, and holds no limits in testing society’s standards. “It’s about process,’’ Omer says, “My art is a reflection of my life!” The materials used in Omer’s art may be common; however, the results are anything but. Beneath the wood, the steel, and the dirt beats the heart of a true artist. Omer Gagnon’s work continues to claim its position at the forefront of contemporary art.

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